Loss Prevention

Typically clients engage Gulf Security Consultants to assist them with a problem that has been identified and they require assist with. This may be an identified loss or internal theft that has taken place. Some clients do not have an experienced security or loss prevention manager or simply require some temporary expertise to assist them.

Assistance has been provided to logistics companies, warehousing and retail stores. The usual format is to conduct an initial investigation or audit to establish the causes of loss, theft or fraud within the business. New or revised loss prevention procedures are established and assistance is given to the client for implementation. Training of management and staff is conducted and monitored to ensure successful completion. It is always a satisfying project when the financial rewards are appreciated by the client following useful project implementation. Good loss prevention measures result in easily the best return on investment.

Many thousands have been returned to the bottom line accounts for clients. Consultants are former UK police and corporate loss prevention specialists with international experience in different cultural environments.