Risk Assessments / Audits

Gulf Security Consultants have a considerable depth of knowledge and expertise in providing Security Risk Management solutions to a wide variety of industries throughout the Middle Eastern, African and European markets and with our highly qualified and professional personnel we can deliver the highest quality service under substantial pressure and time constraints.

Gulf Security Consultants have been conducting bespoke Security Assessments and Audits for national critical infrastructure, banking and finance, automotive, food production and distribution, construction, agriculture, and health service organizations along with government and ministry departments and NGOs for more than 25 years. Each review is tailored to the needs of the client and the environment in which they are working in.

At the start of the review, a member of the Gulf Security Consultants team will meet with you to determine the scope of the project. Once the scope is determined a detailed review will be completed taking all aspects into consideration. The following areas might be addressed:

  • Intrusion Detection and Access Controls        • Loss Prevention
  • Security Policies, Procedures and Practices    • Training
  • Compliance with Certifications and Policy      • Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)
  • Trends and Patterns of Incidents or Loss        • Physical Security
  • Inventory and Counting Processes                  • Business Functions
  • Security Staff and/or Technology Review       • Fraud Prevention
  • Hiring and Screening Processes                      • Disaster Preparedness

Gulf Security Consultants will then submit a detailed report addressing the vulnerabilities, recommendations and estimated associated costs. The report will be a focused solution that is aimed to dramatically mitigate the risk of internal and external loss while utilising the most cost effective means to do so. As independent security consultants all of our findings and recommendations are not influenced by internal pressures, sales targets or politics ensuring you an unbiased reliable solution.